LSU Flores Online MBA Student Jason Pierce Lands Amazon Fellowship


Soon after Jason Pierce began his journey as a Flores MBA Online student, he encountered an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. As an active duty Marine with vast experience in the logistics space, the Marine Corps chose Pierce as its candidate for the Training with Industry Fellowship Program (TWI) at Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

We recently had the chance to speak to Pierce to learn more about his experience with the Flores MBA Program, his Amazon fellowship, and his plans after graduation.

As an active duty Marine, why did you enroll in an MBA program?
As an active duty Marine, I believe in the importance of higher education and continuous process improvement on a personal level and to help me do my job in the Marines. My background is in logistics and I have been doing supply chain management for over 22 years in the Marines. My undergrad is in transportation and logistics management, so the next step is to earn an MBA to develop management skills, broaden my network, and open up career opportunities. My goal is to land a middle-level or top-level management position within a big Fortune 500 company.


What was attractive to you about LSU’s Flores MBA Program?
There were a few driving factors that steered me towards LSU’s Flores MBA Program. First was the history and traditions of being an LSU tiger. Second, I wanted an AACSB accredited program that would accept my Post 9-11 GI Bill and help pay for cost of tuition. LSU’s Flores MBA Program works really with veterans and it provides a lot of flexibility for an active duty service member. The professors are professional and the staff is very supportive. The online program is user-friendly and effective for the grad student.

Talk about the application process for your Amazon fellowship. How did you hear about the opportunity? How long is your appointment?
I have been working inside the logistics space for over 22 years and my current position allows me to work with logistics systems and business intelligence with data analytics. The Marine Corps currently is looking for new ways to innovate and modernize current supply chain processes, and the Marines in charge of this program thought I would be a good fit for the position. It will be helpful to the Marines for me to learn industry best practices from a company like Amazon, then integrate some new methods back into our process of supply chain management. The current program I am doing is called the Training With Industry Fellowship at Amazon and is only six weeks long.

How much longer do you have left in the Flores MBA Program?
When I got the call to participate in the Amazon fellowship, I had only completed two classes, so I still have 12 classes to go. I am set to graduate in a little less than the two years.

How do you plan to use your MBA after graduation?
Initially upon completion of my MBA, I will integrate information systems and management skills into the job I am doing in the Marines. After I retire from the Marines, I will utilize my MBA to become a project or program manager inside the corporate space and work for one of the big four: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or Facebook. Lastly, I will apply to be a senior consultant for Deloitte which is an incredible opportunity.

For more information on the many tracks in LSU’s Flores MBA Program, visit or call 225-578-8867.

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