Leadership Development Plays a Huge Role in LSU’s Flores MBA Program

Regardless of a specific role in a company or industry, experience in leadership is a transferrable skill that is essential to an employee’s success in the workplace. Every year, LSU Flores MBA grads take on unique career paths with different roles and responsibilities, but all will undoubtedly face an opportunity to emerge as leaders in an organization. 

How does the LSU Flores MBA Program prepare students for the challenges and successes that come along with being a leader? Throughout the curriculum offered in the program, students are taught the importance of effective leadership. In 2017, the program introduced a course dedicated to the study, practice, and development of leadership: BADM 7270 Leadership Essentials. This class, taught by LSU Flores MBA Director Dana Hart, is offered as an elective to students in the two-year full-time and online MBA tracks, while it is a requirement for students in the one-year MBA track.

Image by Center for Creative Leadership via ccl.org

“Our goal is to help students and our program stakeholders learn about leadership behaviors and team dynamics. Through different roles, themes, and contexts, students confront leadership from different perspectives. They apply leadership models and practices that promote self-discovery and reflection. Our students are able to act with purpose and integrity, establish deep and meaningful relationships, and practice solid values as leaders throughout their careers,” said Dana Hart, director of the LSU Flores MBA Program.

To round out their leadership development in the classroom, students participate in discussions and simulations, as well as focus on self-awareness through personal branding and perception management. Our goal is for the students to cultivate a deep understanding of emotional intelligence and ethics in leadership through experiential activities and immersion. Ultimately, the Flores MBA Program provides a foundation for students to foster a personal leadership strategy with an integrated perspective in business and society. Together, we can make real progress toward becoming effective leaders, resonate with others, and empower our stakeholders to do really great things. 

According to the Princeton Review, one of the most compelling reasons why students pursue MBA degrees each year is the increased likelihood to be offered more management roles and leadership opportunities. With these leadership roles come earlier promotions, more job offers, and higher salaries in competitive fields.

In addition to leadership development in the classroom, Clay Everett, JD/MBA student, recently formed the Flores Leadership Development Program (FLDP). The inception of this program dates to January of last year when Everett realized the opportunity for leadership development within the Flores MBA Program and began taking the steps to make his idea come to life.

Clay Everett, FLDP

Everett believes leadership to be an invaluable asset to MBA students. Leadership can even serve as an advantage in a job recruitment process, Everett explains, “Having the ability to illustrate that you went above and beyond to help develop your leadership skills is something I think will be seen in a very positive light.” 

How exactly does FLDP allow students to practice and strengthen leadership skills? Meet the program’s three pillars: leadership education, philanthropic leadership, and networking. 

Leadership Education: Members will strengthen leadership skills through a series of lectures and testimonies by local and corporate leaders throughout the year.

Philanthropic Leadership: Through a partnership with the local non-profit, Louisiana Parole Project, members will serve as integral aspect of the re-entry process into the community for those who were given a second chance by the Louisiana Parole Project. Members of FLDP will assist clients by leading personal finance classes, serving as business consultants, and building microbusiness plans.

Networking: Throughout events held each semester, members have the exclusive opportunity to engage and network face to face with company leaders and LSU MBA alumni. 

The Flores MBA Program believes that giving students an opportunity to become well-rounded leaders through curriculum, experiential learning, and a new student organization will give them a head above the competition upon graduation. It’s just as important for our students to sharpen their soft skills as much as it is to sharpen their analytical minds/technical savvy. There is no doubt that MBA students graduate with a greater sense of self awareness, emotional intelligence, and fundamental understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s workplace. 

The LSU Flores MBA Program provides you with a flexible path to advance your career. Our nationally ranked program currently administers a traditional, two-year, full-time program, a one-year, full-time program for business majors, a part-time online (no residency requirement) program, and an Executive MBA Flex. For more information, visit mba.lsu.edu.

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