How Joining the Flores MBA Association Enhances Your Student Experience

MBAA_volleyballStudents at Volley for Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (BRYC) in Aug. 2019.

By: Bridget Conrad, Flores MBA Program Assistant Director of Communication & Alumni Affairs

At the LSU Flores MBA Program, students are encouraged to strive for excellence in the classroom, but we also advocate for them to get to know their classmates outside the classroom. A great way to do this is to become an active member of the Flores MBA Association (Flores MBAA). Through this student-run organization, students in all tracks of our program are invited to various events that give them the chance to network professionally and socially in different settings. Members also have the opportunity to participate in professional development seminars and to give back to the Baton Rouge community through philanthropic partnerships.


“Joining MBAA strengthens the relationships that are formed in the classroom throughout your MBA experience. Interacting and socializing with your classmates outside the classroom creates friendships and connections that will last long after you graduate. With these friendships made outside of the classroom, students are able to collaborate more effectively throughout their MBA experience and have connections that will benefit them throughout their career.”

– Molly Jacobsen, Flores MBAA President and 2nd year full-time student-

2019_Gala_officersStudents at 2019 Spring Gala to benefit BRYC.

To give you an idea of the many activities the Flores MBAA organizes, here is a list of the professional and social networking opportunities provided to Flores MBAA members:

Philanthropy Events
Spring Gala to benefit Baton Rouge Youth Coalition
Restaurant Giveback Nights
1st years vs 2nd years kickball game
Volleyball tournament to benefit Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (new event)
Spring crawfish boil

Professional Development Events 
Lunch and Learns
Case Competitions
Chance to participate in Dean’s Advisory Council

2018_SEC_Case_CompetitionStudents who participated in the 2019 SEC Case Competition.

Participation in Recreation Leagues
Indoor Volleyball
Indoor Soccer
Flag Football

International Events
Flores MBAA International Chair organizes various events throughout the school year that highlight the diversity of our program.

In short, joining the Flores MBAA allows you, as a student, to strengthen the bonds you initiate with your fellow students in the classroom. You will always be connected to your MBA classmates. These people will definitely prove to be a supportive community and a great resource for you long after graduation.

For more information on the LSU Flores MBA Program, visit You can also visit or or follow @floresmbaa on Facebook for more information about the Flores MBAA.

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