MBA student Meghan Mumphrey talks about her internship at Deloitte in New York City


Meghan Mumphrey shared about her experience in the full-time MBA program and how her summer internship at Deloitte turned into a full-time job offer.

One of the many benefits of the Flores MBA Full-Time Track is that it offers students the opportunity to specialize in different areas of business. Most students expand on their specializations between their first and second years of the program by securing a professional internship. This not only is good for students’ resumes, but it also gives them reassurance that they want to pursue full-time work in their area of specialization.

For example, students with an internal audit specialization participate in LSU’s Internal Audit Program draft and are placed in different audit internships all throughout the country. Through this draft, one of our second-year full-time students, Meghan Mumphrey, had the opportunity to work for Deloitte in New York City last summer as a risk and advisory intern in the department of technology assurance and compliance.

“I assisted in the development of planning documentation for audits in the telecommunications industry, tested general IT controls to conclude on design, implementation and operating effectiveness of controls, and assisted with the preparation of risk assessments for controls on audits of financial reporting systems,” commented Mumphrey.

Even though Mumphrey had the title of “intern” she had a lot of important responsibilities such as making sure that password configurations and admin access within the networking data base followed the proper policies and were up to the standards of the company. “My team members were in other offices but they were extremely helpful every time that I needed guidance. I felt very supported,” Mumphrey said.   

In addition to her responsibilities as an intern, Mumphrey faced the challenge of moving to New York.  “I ended up living with Christina, a classmate that was also interning at Deloitte. I was definitely nervous about moving there, since New York is such a big city, but it turned out great. We made many new friends that lived in the dorm with us. Overall the whole experience was so much fun and I enjoyed my summer thoroughly,” concluded Mumphrey. 

Ultimately, Mumphrey’s experience with Deloitte concluded with a full-time job offer. After graduation, she’s headed to Dallas to start work with Deloitte as a consultant in technology assurance and compliance.

For more information on the specializations offered in the Flores MBA Full-Time Track, visit .

Mumphrey’s view from her office at Deloitte in New York City. 



Mumphrey and fellow Flores MBA students in the beginning of the summer at Deloitte’s training center, Deloitte University, in Dallas.


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