Byrd and Trahan Win Charlotte Murray Pace Memorial MBA Scholarship

Every year following the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) annual Keep the Pace Race, the Flores MBA Program selects a female MBA student who most closely embodies Charlotte Murray Pace’s “hard work and bright personality” to receive the scholarship. However, due to the overwhelming support for the 10th Annual—and final—Keep the Pace Race, in which NAWMBA at LSU was able to raise $12,912, the Flores MBA Program was able to select two students to receive the scholarship. The 2018 recipients of the Charlotte Murray Pace Memorial MBA Scholarship are Morgan Byrd and Meghan Trahan.

22366712_2073774719316131_8623165142101116277_n“Being selected as a recipient of this scholarship award in memory of Murray is a tremendous honor, and I realize its significance from my two years of service and involvement with both NAWMBA and the Keep the Pace Race. I am so thankful to have been selected.

While I never knew Murray, I feel connected to her memory not only through my participation in the the last two Keep the Pace Races, but also from the harrowing realization that she was, in so many ways, not much different from myself or many of my classmates when her life was ended prematurely. As I sit on the cusp of graduation, practically giddy about my big move to Atlanta, Georgia in June to pursue a dream career working in revenue management for a Fortune 50 company, I can only imagine that Murray—like so many MBA candidates before and since her time at LSU—experienced similar excitement and optimism for what the future held.

I plan to pay it forward by contributing to Charlotte Murray Pace Memorial MBA Scholarship in the years after graduation so that other deserving MBA candidates may be gifted like I have with both the incredible stories of Murray’s strong, steadfast nature as well as the financial support needed to achieve their own individual goals.”

– Morgan Byrd, NAWMBA’s Vice President of Events, Class of 2018

22405841_2075784975781772_7868646825319372230_n.jpg“I am extremely grateful to have been selected as one of two recipients of the 2018 Charlotte Murray Pace Memorial Scholarship. I have become quite invested in this event over the last two years, so I am honored that the MBA Program felt that I am worthy of such an award. From what I know of her, Murray was smart, courageous, strong—both mentally and physically—and loved by so many. I would like to think that Murray and I have those characteristics in common. I plan to use the funds from the scholarship to pay for classes to prepare me to sit for the Louisiana Bar Exam this July. I fully intend to contribute to the scholarship fund in the future so that the Flores MBA Program can continue to honor Murray’s memory and recognize upstanding women MBAs.”

– Meghan Trahan, NAWMBA’s Vice President of Philanthropy, Class of 2018

About Murray and Scholarship Fund
On May 24, 2002, Charlotte Murray Pace—Murray as she was called by those close to her—graduated in the top 10 percent of her class from the LSU Flores MBA Program. This is something that many of us are currently working toward. She was slated to start working for Deloitte following graduation. However, just one week after graduation, she tragically fell victim to Baton Rouge serial killer Derrick Todd Lee.

Following her death, her friends and classmates from the LSU MBA Class of 2002 established the Charlotte Murray Pace Memorial MBA Scholarship Fund as a way to commemorate her life and achievements. Every year since 2008, NAWMBA at LSU has hosted its annual Keep the Pace Race as a way to pay tribute to Murray and contribute to the scholarship fund in her honor. Last year, the 9th Annual Keep The Pace Race raised more than $5,000 for the fund. Each year, the program selects “a female LSU MBA whom most closely exemplifies Murray’s hard work and bright personality” to receive the scholarship. 

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