Flores MBA in Peru — An International Trips Series

Each year the LSU Flores MBA Program offers its students the unique opportunity to attend international trips. In this three-part international trips series, we will highlight some of our recent international trips and spotlight our student, faculty and staff’s experiences. This week’s feature is on our executive MBAs in Peru.


Cusco, Peru, Machu Picchu

As a part of the LSU Flores Executive MBA (EMBA) curriculum, the class attends two international trips. For the first trip, the EMBA Class of 2018 visited Peru to enjoy a rich, culture-filled excursion designed for the professional students to network, understand diversity abroad, and acquire global perspective. The students spent a week (January 7-15, 2018) attending business and cultural visits in Lima and Cusco.

The EMBAs attended four business visits: Bayer, General Electric, AGP Glass and Schneider Electric. At each company, they had the opportunity to hear from CEOs and general managers about each company’s accomplishments, technology, political challenges, and tactics to flourish and perform around the globe.

EMBA candidate Stuti Dubey shared, “Our first international study trip to Peru provided great insight into the nation’s culture and business principles used by multinational companies operating in the fields of manufacturing, industrial automation and power systems in South America.”


EMBA Class of 2018 business visit.

In addition to professional networking and business visits, the students had the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Peru each day. They were able to engage with locals, meet alpacas and llamas, and try new and exciting authentic cuisines. According to the EMBA class, one of the biggest highlights of the trip was experiencing Machu Picchu.

EMBA candidate Brent Guthrie shared, “The Flores MBA program offered an exceptional opportunity for my classmates and I to experience the charm of the Peruvian history, people and business culture. Peru was never a country on my radar for international travel. Now that I have been, I will definitely create another opportunity to experience this South American gem in the near future.”


Brent Guthrie pictured with local women and an alpaca and llama.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A slideshow of images from the EMBA Class of 2018 International trip to Peru.

*Images courtesy of Dr. Dana Hart, Stuti Dubey and Brent Guthrie.




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